Desiring Radical Soul Alignment? This course may be exactly what you've been looking for.

What you will receive

Video course with the most juicy and powerful practices Malin has found in her own journey to connect and build a relationship with our soul.

Video course with how to cleanse your body to release negative energy, restore optimal health, restore your natural vibrant energy, build a DEEP connection to source and gain a magnetic, soulful glow!

Guided meditations for soul path clarity. Tune into the path in highest alignment with your deepest essence in any given moment.

Channeled transmissions that supercharge your being forward on the path that is truly meant for you.

Video course on how to create a life in alignment with the Divine Guidance that lies within.

What YOU will get out of it

Tune into your brilliant benefits.

  • A deep and profound relationship with your SOUL and SOURCE.

  • Restore your natural body weight, vibrant energy and a childlike glow!

  • Soul Path Clarity in any given moment.

  • A supercharghed energy field empowered to lign up with the path of highest resonance with your SOUL.

  • Clearance of limiting beliefs holding you back from embodying who you came here to be.

  • A hands-on template for understanding how to access your intuition, design a life in alignment with the Divine Guidance within.

  • Lign up with your destiny and handle anything that may come up along the journey aligned with your Divine Blueprint.

Coming soon.

Course curriculum

What will be included in this course.

  • Module 1 - Connecting with Your Soul

    Amazing tools and practices to build a deep relationship with your soul. From magic morning rituals to self love ignition practices. Learn how to implement these practices in your day to day life.

  • Module 2 - Honoring Your Temple

    Learn how to honor your body as the profound temple it truly is. Receive next-level detox practices for acension acceleration and learn how to cleanse your physical vessel for optimal connection to Source and incredicle magnetic soul vibrancy.

  • Module 3 - Soul Path Clarity

    Highly powerful guided techniques for Soul Desire Clarity and Soul Path Clarity. Everything starts with clarity around what your true desires are <3

  • Module 4 - Channeled Transmissions

    Channelings from yours truly that empower you to see yourself as the free and Divine being you truly are - with the ability to create anything you put your mind to. Supercharge your being to catalyst forward on the path in highest alignment with your soul.

  • Module 5 - Designing a Life in Alignment with Your Soul

    Learn to distinguish between ego & soul, hearing your soul's guidance, take courageous action from inspiration and design a life in alignment with the Divine Guidance within. A hands-on template for living in magical Divine Flow.

Bonus material

Why stop there... I'm pouring all my heart into this course.

  • Exclusive Webinar

    Exclusive and super juicy webinar with Malin's top secrets for accessing your Divine Codes and find profound soul DEPTH. This webinar is only offered to those in this course and not found publicly anywhere else.

  • Access to Malin's High Frequency Music Library

    Get access to a seriously amazing collection of epic music for yoga sessions, morning rituals, on-the-go-flow, ecstatic dance and astral traveling. These lists will supercharge your being every day!

  • Free Illumination Call

    Receive a Free Illumination Call where we dive into how you can build a deeper relationship with your soul and move towards your heart's desires. This session is completely accomodated to your unique journey <3